Approaching Parenthood & Early Parenting

I specialize in helping parents through pregnancy, introducing a new child into the family and early
parenting issues and challenges such as:

  • Worries and ambivalence during a pregnancy
  • Biological mom’s postpartum depression
  • Second parent’s depression, bonding questions and other issues
  • Difficulties in the transition to parenthood
  • Handling sleep deprivation, the blues and the tedium of early parenting
  • Addressing the need for more than just parenting
  • Working through relationship challenges with the birth of your first/second/third child

Contact Me:
I can be reached at (510) 686-3773 or to discuss options to address your particular challenges to growing your family.

Additional Resources:
Baby Center. Provides educational information from deciding to approach pregnancy to developmental questions for teenagers.

HopeXchange. Offers educational and uplifting information for those impacted by the grief of pregnancy loss.

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