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Welcome Psychotherapy, Family Consultations and Career Transitions
For anxiety, depression, parenting challenges and life’s transition

Services Psychotherapy, Family & Relationship Counseling, and Career Transitioning Services covering Anxiety; Depression; Career, Family & Financial Issues; and Relationship Problems.

Specialties Psychotherapy and Counseling Specialties of Shannon Dubach, Psy.D., MBA

FAQ/Resources Deciding whether to begin therapy, choosing a therapist and financing therapy.

Clinician Consultation Services, consultations and training provided to Psychotherapists and Psychotherapy Trainees

My Background Educational and Professional Background for Shannon Dubach, Psy.D., MBA

Fees & Insurance Fees for Psychotherapy, Counseling and Transition Planning for Shannon Dubach, Psy.D., MBA in Berkeley, CA

Location & Contact Directions and Contact Information for Shannon Dubach, Psy.D., MBA Psychotherapist in Berkeley, CA

Blog Psychotherapy Blog for Shannon Dubach, Psy.D., MBA

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