Couples Therapy

In working with couples I provide a setting in which both partners can safely explore their relationship, better understand their challenges, and bring about desired changes. Couples need to be able to discuss sensitive topics without becoming defensive, shutting down or attacking one another. We work together to safely explore difficult issues from each partner’s perspective. I facilitate clear and improved communication, increased empathy and understanding, and assistance in working together towards solutions.

Areas of Treatment

I provide pre-marital, marital, relationship and post-marital/co-parenting counseling. My areas of expertise in work with heterosexual and same-sex couples include:

  • Resolving communication problems
  • Improving emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Turning anger and conflict into healthy and caring conversations
  • Developing ways to talk about jealousy, sex, money, anger and other challenging subjects
  • Working through infidelity, loss of trust and commitment issues
  • Learning to communicate so that you both better understand each other’s priorities, needs and desires
  • Understanding and addressing repetitive patterns that keep you as a couple stuck
  • Reviewing and resolving concerns about starting a family
  • Addressing challenging transitions to parenthood or parenting multiple children
  • Working with the emotional challenges of infertility, assisted conception family building and adoption

Is now the time for couples therapy?

Sometimes couples avoid therapy until their relationship is in crisis. When they begin couples therapy they are often at a breaking point, hoping that therapy can save their relationship. In my experience, couples who begin early to address fears, frustrations and resentments in their relationships are able to use therapy to address issues, conflictual patterns and dynamics to keep the relationship humming along without the additional pressure of a crisis. Of course, not everyone can avoid a crisis and therapy can help you as well. However, it requires that both partners commit to the time it takes to sort things out and to tolerate painful and difficult feelings.

Potential benefits from couples therapy

The benefits from couples therapy vary depending on the issues you face, your commitment to addressing challenging topics and patterns, and each partner’s motivation to improve your relationship. Examples of results from couples therapy include:

  • Improved communication
  • Greater awareness and understanding of each other’s needs, desires and vulnerabilities
  • Reduced conflict
  • Improved anger management skills
  • Reduced jealousy
  • A realization that the relationship could not work
  • A decision to get married, start a family, or get back together
  • Improved sexual intimacy

Contact Me:
If you would like to learn more about my approach to couples therapy or to schedule an introductory session please call me at (510) 686-3773 or email me at

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