Signs Your Child May Need Help

If one or more of these signs is present, contact me to determine if professional support is needed.

Common signs:

  • Persistent sadness and hopelessness for no reason
  • Withdrawal from friendships, family and other important relationships and activities
  • Very angry or irritable most of the time
  • Crying a lot or overreacting to normal developmental experiences
  • Feeling worthless, guilty, anxious, or worried
  • Unable to get over a loss or death
  • Extremely fearful or having unexplained fears
  • Constantly concerned about physical problems or appearance
  • Frightened that his or her mind is controlled or is out of control
  • Worry about being harmed, hurting others, or doing something “bad”
  • Feeling life is too hard to handle

Behavioral changes:

  • Declining performance in school
  • Losing interest in things once enjoyed
  • Unexplained changes in sleeping or eating patterns
  • Avoiding friends or family, wanting to be alone all the time
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Inability to sit still or focus attention
  • Using alcohol or other drugs
  • Cutting self
  • Engaging in physical fights
  • Eating large amounts of food and then purging, or abusing laxatives
  • Dieting and/or exercising obsessively
  • Engaging in risky, life threatening activities
  • A need to wash, clean things or perform certain routines hundreds of times a day in order to avoid an unsubstantiated danger
  • Racing thoughts that are almost too fast to follow
  • Persistent nightmares

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