You’re considering therapy. It isn’t an easy step. It is a complex, courageous and oftentimes difficult
decision, but sometimes we just know that it’s time to blossom. I believe that therapy helps individuals and families to address challenges that keep us from our full potential. Whether you or your loved ones are suffering from anxiety or depression, relationship issues or isolation, financial preoccupations, dead-end careers or other issues, you know it is time to make things better.

I am a psychologist offering you a chance to talk through whatever is most pressing or lingering in a safe, nonjudgmental and confidential environment. I provide flexible, relational talk therapy helping you to address a range of areas and issues.

My style is warm, compassionate, and down to earth. I value reflection, collaboration, intellect and humor as encouraging, healing and crucial to our work together. I am direct and willing to engage in the difficult subjects that we may avoid for a very long time but eventually require our attention. I focus on your strengths, resources and goals for therapy and together we identify and address the roadblocks.

Your first steps. I recommend meeting with a therapist for one to three sessions to determine whether you and your therapist are a good match. Before choosing to visit a therapist you may want to peruse my website and other therapist websites and ask friends or other therapists whom they would recommend.

Contact Me:
If you would like to set up an initial consultation or have questions please contact me by phone at
(510) 686-3773 or by email at shannondubach@gmail.com. Also, please explore my website to begin to answer questions about psychotherapy and to get a better sense of my services, specialties, and philosophy toward our work together.

Note:  This website is designed for informational and educational purposes only. It is not meant as a substitute for professional, medical, mental health or psychological care. Communication with this site does not constitute a therapeutic relationship. If you require immediate medical, mental health or psychological services please contact a qualified professional in your area, or call 911.



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