Adult Psychotherapy

Relational Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

When you’re ready to try psychotherapy something isn’t working. You’re stuck, you’re repeating the same poor choices, you’re having a really hard time. You’ve tried so many different ways to solve your problems but nothing seems to help. When your own efforts at self-help aren’t enough there may be very old patterns that you aren’t aware of that are getting in the way of desired changes, happiness and success.

I will work with you to create a comfortable, trusting, interactive relationship to enable us to explore the difficult and troubling patterns that may be keeping you from the changes you desire. We’ll develop a relationship that allows you to examine and understand sensitive issues. I’ll share with you my ideas and thoughts about what has led to or continues to contribute to your difficulties and together we’ll figure out what resonates and what makes no sense at all. It takes a lot of courage to consider your challenges and to work toward change. I bring intelligence, compassion and a commitment to exploration of who you are and who you would like to be, always considering how our understanding will help you to achieve your goals in therapy.

Areas of Treatment

I have successfully worked with adults facing a variety of problems. Many of the individuals with whom I work have significant careers and achievements while continuing to struggle with their mood, self-esteem, worries or intimate relationships. My work with adults covers many issues including:

Contact Me:
If you prefer, we can speak initially by phone at no cost to help you better understand your options and determine whether it makes sense for us to meet for a consultation. If you have questions or would like to set up a phone consultation please contact me at (510) 686-3773 or email at .

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