Career, Family & Financial Issues

  • You may have lost your job and are considering your options, wanting to make a deliberate decision and a move towards more satisfaction in your work and home life.
  • You may feel stuck in your profession and the idea of remaining at your current company for one more minute, let alone one more year or decade is inconceivable.
  • You may be juggling a love of work and a desire to spend more time with your growing family.
  • You may be ready to begin something completely different but don’t quite know how to think about your options.
  • Or, you may have taken time to be with your children and are considering just what to do next.

When considering counseling or psychotherapy to address any of these and other possibilities it is important to know that your therapist understands your issues. Career transitions and financial challenges are particularly nuanced and require the expertise of someone who has been there. With a doctorate in psychology from the Wright Institute and an MBA from Stanford University my background lends itself well to addressing your career, familial and financial concerns. I have fifteen years of professional experience as a management consultant, venture capitalist and marketing manager in Europe and the United States- Linked In Profile to complement my fifteen years with families and children and mental health care. Balancing career and family, all the while considering the financial implications of multiple options will require our time, intellect and thoughtful consideration.

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